Who is Frank Thiele?

Since 2003 I am self-employed as a consultant in Dive-/Water Sports and Hotel-/Hospitality Services.

After several years working as a tour guide, diving instructor and dive center manager, I started in 1997 to work for the biggest franchise company in diving as a regional manager. After a short time I was PR manager, too. My career led me in 2001 to Dcc (Dive Center Consulting), where I was the managing director for 2 years. In early 2003 I got the opportunity to take over Dcc myself.

I was able to make experiences in cooperation with various companies all around the world. Cultural, social and religious differences are on this occasion always a challenge, but also makes my work very interesting.

Concerning the practical part of my work, I have logged more than 10,000 dives, out of these I have done about 1,200 in cold waters, and out of these again I have completed over 250 on an altitude of 300m above sea level or higher. I have trained more than 3,500 students to dive and tried to show them my vision of the world under water - and I hope there will be some more. Furthermore I can train divers in 28 Speciality Courses, some of them I have developed myself.

My commitment to my profession as well as to the protection of the underwater world has already won several awards.

In the main profession, I am a consultant, but I do not want to forget to mention my hobbies, which are writing books and photography.

  • Oceanus


    Experience a new adventure at home every month. Go diving with the Oceanus calendar.

  • Current book project

    Buch für Kinder

    The book Pauline rettet das blaue Paradies will be translated in EN / FR / IT and completely redesigned by illustrator Francesca Piel.

  • Blog

    Information and inspirations

    At regular intervals new and interesting articles can be found on my Blog. At the moment everything in German, English language will follow later.

  • Geht das Wasser um die ganze Insel?

    Join in and create the new book!

    Everyone can participate in the next edition. Click here and join! The book is also available as an eBook, too. (GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY)

  • Wedding under water

    A unique experience

    Have you ever seen a wedding under water? A short video clip of such great experience here...

  • Work in progress


    Just now I am working on a new Specialty-Outline for divers, title: Marine Protector.

  • Planned book project

    Diving at the sheikhs

    A dive guide for diving and snorkelling in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman.

  • Planned book project

    Book for children

    Together with Marine Biologist Evelyne Chavent (France) and illustrator Birte Zabel.

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