Protection of animal and marine life


The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the biggest and most experienced conservation organizations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries.


The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is an active organization with more than 300 experienced activists, experts of law and politics, and internationally recognized scientists, with branch offices in 16 countries all around the globe. They try to enforce sustainable solutions in the protection of animals and the environment which serve animal and human needs.

Yaqu Pacha

The goal of this organization is the protection of the aquatic mammals in South America and to preserve their habitats. This is all about whales, dolphins, otters, seals and manatees.


The Shark Project is an international initiative to protect and study sharks. Internationally recognized scientists from several countries all around the world, dedicated conservationists and shark enthusiasts have joined forces here to inform about this unfortunately still misunderstood animal.

Shark Alliance

The Shark Alliance is an cooperation of global active, nonprofit organizations, with the goal to protect sharks.

Reef Check

Reef Check is probably the biggest international program in which recreational divers and marine scientists are involved in. The primary goal is to collect data and information about the condition of reefs and to get with these facts an idea of the human impact on reefs worldwide.

Coral Reef Alliance

Unfortunately people often forget that coral reefs are the foundation of all life in the water. Therefore this organization is specialized in the protection of coral reefs.


This organization cooperates with sailors and divers worldwide. The goal is to help people and animals in countries on the coast.

Turtle Foundation

Sea turtles are seriously threatened with extinction. The Turtle Foundation is committed to the worldwide protection of these animals and is focused specifically on individual manageable and achievable projects.

The Turtle Hospital

Located in the United States of Amerika (Florida Keys), the Turtle Hospital takes care of animals which wer4e having an accident. They receive medical care and get well cared for until they can be released into the wild again.

Seafood Watch

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the pioneers on consumer awareness of foodstuff coming from the sea.

Baltic Sea Heritage Rescue Project

The non-profit organization was founded in July 2018 in Klaipeda (Lithuania) by R. Schön, S. Kerkau (member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame - Class 2019, author, UW photo and video photographer) and L. Duoblys, Specializing in ghost nets on deep wrecks. They are currently operating in the waters off the coast of Lithuania but the project is set to expand into other areas of the Baltic Sea in the near future.

  • Oceanus


    Experience a new adventure at home every month. Go diving with the Oceanus calendar.

  • Current book project

    Buch für Kinder

    The book Pauline rettet das blaue Paradies will be translated in EN / FR / IT and completely redesigned by illustrator Francesca Piel.

  • Blog

    Information and inspirations

    At regular intervals new and interesting articles can be found on my Blog. At the moment everything in German, English language will follow later.

  • Geht das Wasser um die ganze Insel?

    Join in and create the new book!

    Everyone can participate in the next edition. Click here and join! The book is also available as an eBook, too. (GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY)

  • Wedding under water

    A unique experience

    Have you ever seen a wedding under water? A short video clip of such great experience here...

  • Work in progress


    Just now I am working on a new Specialty-Outline for divers, title: Marine Protector.

  • Planned book project

    Diving at the sheikhs

    A dive guide for diving and snorkelling in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman.

  • Planned book project

    Book for children

    Together with Marine Biologist Evelyne Chavent (France) and illustrator Birte Zabel.

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