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Dive Students

An abstract from my list of dive students.

Arranged by date of cerification

(Professional certifications Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor are not included)

Dive Students 2016

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
FANG EVE YEW 23.08.2016 EFR-Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st aid) 1608EE4902
AGNES ARLANDIS 13.08.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1608EW9066
VINCENT BORGEOT 13.08.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1608EW9093
AGNES ARLANDIS 10.08.2016 Open Water 1608EW9055
JEMMA GIBBONS 08.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UD1353
DAVID TRITT 07.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UD0188
ERIK TRITT 07.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UD0198
MARIUS BJORK 07.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UD0208
ERIK TRITT 05.07.2016 Open Water 1607UB8871
DAVID OCHAINSKI 01.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UZ9687
JENNIFER JUNG 01.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UZ9700
JOHAN STEESTRA 01.07.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1607UZ9718
JOHAN STEESTRA 01.07.2016 Advanced Open Water 1607UA3100
JOHN MC LAGGAN 01.07.2016 Advanced Open Water 1607UA3104
BOON - LONG NG 30.06.2016 Scuba Diver 1607UZ9670
WING YU CHAU 30.06.2016 Scuba Diver 1607UZ9680
JUERGEN SCHMIDT 04.06.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1606UO8274
JAMES ROBERTS 02.06.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1606UO0679
LINSAY ROBERTS 02.06.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1606UO0682
JAMES ROBERTS 01.06.2016 Open Water 1606UO0658
LINSAY ROBERTS 01.06.2016 Open Water 1606UO0672
CHRIS A PRITCHARD 26.05.2016 Underwater Photographer 1605UL3287
ANJA STALDER 01.04.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1604UM5621
NICO STALDER 01.04.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1604UM5639
MARTIN STALDER 01.04.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1604UM5649
CORINNE STALDER 01.04.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1604UM5660
NICO STALDER 30.03.2016 Open Water 1603UL7594
ANJA STALDER 30.03.2016 Open Water 1603UL7604
MARTIN STALDER 30.03.2016 Open Water 1603UL7615
CORINNE STALDER 30.03.2016 Open Water 1603UL7630
STEFAN SCHNEIDER 29.03.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1603UL6206
SONJA LEYRER 29.03.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1603UL6210
GERHARD SCHROEDER 21.03.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1603UJ2618
KEVIN UNDERHILL 20.03.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1603UI5239
KEVIN UNDERHILL 19.03.2016 Open Water 1603UI5234
PATRIZIA KEISER 10.03.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1603UE8212
PASCAL ANDERMATT 26.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UA6457
STEFAN CARUS 24.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UZ9235
KERSTIN CARUS 24.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UZ9250
PETER BUETTRICH 21.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UY8688
KAROLIN KIRSCHSTEIN 21.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UY8702
KURT AESCHLIMANN 21.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UY8739
ALEXANDER POINTNER 12.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UV8457
OLIVER SOHM 11.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UV3955
SABRINA BLOCKHAUS 11.02.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1602UV3962
NEAL HUTCHINSON 23.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UP4264
FRANZ WEGMANN 21.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UO6854
WALTER GUSTERER 21.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UO6856
FREDERICUS BROOYMANS 18.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UN6474
FIONA BROOYMANS 18.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UN6481
DANIEL BUESS 14.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UM5072
SALVATORE DI DIO 04.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UI7138
JULIA DI DIO 04.01.2016 Enriched Air Diver 1601UI7146
STEFAN SEMOLA 04.01.2016 Advanced Open Water 1601UI8766
SALVATORE DI DIO 03.01.2016 Open Water 1601UI4918
JULIA DI DIO 03.01.2016 Open Water 1601UI4924

Dive Students 2015

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
HELENE BOCQUET 22.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UE7114
CHRISTOPH MENHOFER 21.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UE4206
ARNE BIRKEN 16.12.2015 Advanced Open Water 1512UD0157
WILL RIDGEON 10.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UB0571
ANDREA WHITE 10.12.2015 Open Water 1512UB1512
JULIAN KRIESCHEN 10.12.2015 Open Water 1512UB1521
ANJA HOPFSTOCK 08.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UA2830
ULRICH HOPFSTOCK 08.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UA2844
HEATHER KINDNESS 03.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UY9088
MANUELA ALBERICCI 02.12.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1512UY5644
FELIX HERGER 02.12.2015 Open Water 1512UY6023
CHRISTINA IMBODEN 26.11.2015 Advanced Open Water 1511UW7775
REBECCA WALLS 21.11.2015 Open Water 1511UV2129
BARRY FLUTTER 21.11.2015 Open Water 1511UV2136
CORINNE BALLABIO 20.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UU8499
DANIEL LANCASTER 20.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UU8502
MELANIE LANCASTER 20.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UU8506
CORINNE BALLABIO 19.11.2015 Open Water 1511UU5445
CLAIRE AYRES 15.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UT1283
ALISTAIR AYRES 15.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UT1302
GABI MITTERMAYE 11.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UR9516
HEINZ SCHMID 11.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UR9542
HARTWIG LIEDTKE 11.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UR9640
VERENA ACKEMANN 11.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511US0054
CRAIG SPEERS 08.11.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1511UQ7777
YVONNE LADSTAETTER 01.11.2015 Open Water 1511UO3031
VALERIE HUKALO 23.10.2015 Scuba Diver 1510UK8989
MARTIN RINGEN 21.10.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1510UJ8607
AMANDA DIJANIC 21.10.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1510UJ8623
CEDRIC PFISTER 11.10.2015 Open Water 1510UF6038
FABIAN SCHMIDT 11.10.2015 Open Water 1510UF6053
TIM SCHMIDT 11.10.2015 Open Water 1510UF6057
KAI SCHMIDT 11.10.2015 Open Water 1510UF6072
ANNIE MAUDUIT 30.09.2015 Scuba Diver 1510UB7709
SILVIO EGLI 26.09.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1509UZ6283
THORSTEN KRINGE 26.09.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1509UZ6295
CHOW TAT HIN 23.09.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1509UX9998
RIMMA VOROTNIKOVA 23.09.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1509UY0014
IGOR VOROTNIKOV 23.09.2015 Enriched Air Diver 1509UY0023
KEITH V LEE 18.09.2015 Open Water 1509UK9131

Dive Students 2013

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
Ersun Uysal 05.11.2013 Advanced Open Water 1311UN5944
Tala Sahloul 26.10.2013 Open Water 1310UC9087

Dive Students 2012

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
Heidi Hauser-Schmid 02.08.2012 Advanced Open Water 1209EA4912
Remy Hauser 08.08.2012 Advanced Open Water 1209EA4888
Ekaterina Preobrazkenskaya 16.08.2012 Advanced Open Water 1208EH6680
Nikhil Surana 05.09.2012 Adventure Diver 1209ER2327
Michael Heering 02.10.2012 Scuba Diver 1210EL6338
Melina Heering 02.10.2012 Junior Open Water 1210EL6336
Ibrahim Fareed 11.10.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1110ER1811

Dive Students 2011

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
Antonio Lombardo 02.01.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1102EW5977
Sebastien Fougeres 09.01.2011 Scuba Diver 1110EV9968
Franz Herrmann 13.01.2011 Open Water 1101ET7281
Simone Baumann 22.01.2011 Open Water 1104ET9995
Beat Bernhard Baumgartner 22.01.2011 Open Water 1102EV3172
Paul Cangemi 24.01.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1102EW5943
Alice Voneschen 28.01.2011 Open Water 1102EV3092
Andreas Schuetz 28.01.2011 Open Water 1102EV3095
Jrene Meier 05.02.2011 Advanced Open Water 1102EB3783
Jean-Marie Moser 05.02.2011 Scuba Diver 1103ED3235
Daniel Hui 07.02.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1102EB0404
Tania Hui-Nodari 11.02.2011 Scuba Diver 1102EA0475
David Staudenmann 13.02.2011 Scuba Diver 1205EN1165
Kay Tobler 15.02.2011 Advanced Open Water 1106ES3808
Luana Casoni 17.02.2011 EFR-Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st aid) 1102EB7927
Manuela Aebischer 04.03.2011 Open Water 1104ET5622
Robin Malpas 05.03.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1303ER1621
Manuela Aebischer 05.03.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1104ET1421
Toni Huegi 05.03.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1104ET1424
Silvia Bianchi 09.03.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1103EM4742
Marco Pennisi 09.03.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1103EM4744
Sandra Maurer 09.03.2011 Open Water 1104EO4871
Laurence Wach 03.04.2011 Open Water 1107EG1489
Frederic Weibel 03.04.2011 Open Water 1107EG1487
Jean-Marc Baumann 18.04.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1105EA8477
Benoit Tarrajat 23.04.2011 Open Water 1106EJ6078
Livia Huber 04.05.2011 Open Water 1108EO5663
Luana Casoni 17.06.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1107EY3478
Alban Vogel 17.06.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1107EV5046
Thomas Baerlocher 17.06.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1106ET5880
Andrea Baumgartner 17.06.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1106ES9982
Victoria Brackstone 25.06.2011 Open Water 1107EC5550
Adela Mincea 29.06.2011 Open Water 1107ED7152
Sabrina Weber 13.07.2011 Scuba Diver 1205EN1144
Stuart Burrows 20.07.2011 Open Water 1108EK7914
Catherine Jeanrenaud 28.07.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1109EB4030
Aleksander Subaczynski 29.07.2011 Junior Open Water 1112ER7417
Bruno Leger 10.08.2011 Open Water 1108ES2826
Andrea Christa Merz 10.08.2011 Open Water 1108ES2737
Abdullah Shiyam 19.08.2011 Open Water 1110EQ7660
Lise Dourthe 09.09.2011 Advanced Open Water 1110EQ7013
Mariska van den Aarsen 09.09.2011 Advanced Open Water 1111EA0252
Guido Voser 30.09.2011 Open Water 1110EX4565
Abdulla Radheef 11.10.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1110ER1813
Ibrahim Fareed 11.10.2011 Enriched Air Diver 1110ER1811
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