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Dive Students

An abstract from my list of dive students.

Arranged by date of cerification

(Professional certifications Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor are not included)

Dive Students 2000

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
HANS-WOLFGANG LEHR 12.04.2000 Rescue Diver 2000031580
KAROLZ POSA 07.09.2000 Medic First Aid 2000128124

Dive Students 1998

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
JOERG SPOELSTRA 10.02.1998 Ice 98037649E
JOERG STANTZE 10.05.1998 Medic First Aid 98042743E
ULRICH ZIMMER 10.05.1998 Medic First Aid 98042740E
CLAUS VOLLMER 10.05.1998 Medic First Aid 98042741E
JAN HAMBACH 12.08.1998 Advanced Open Water 98091463E
JAN HAMBACH 13.09.1998 Rescue Diver 98122126E

Dive Students 1997

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
JENS-JOACHIM TAPPERT 12.01.1997 Medic First Aid 97005440E
MARCO HEINRICHS 15.01.1997 Open Water 97006175E
AXEL KOEHLER 03.02.1997 Ice 97010932E
ROLAND MECKE 03.02.1997 Ice 97010935E
MICHAEL BARTSCH 03.02.1997 Ice 97010934E
RALF STEPHAN 16.03.1997 Equipment Specialist 97021784E
JENS MIELKE 16.03.1997 Equipment Specialist 97021783E
AXEL KOEHLER 16.03.1997 Equipment Specialist 97021782E
THORSTEN KOENIG 04.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97035232E
MARC KLAUENBERG 04.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97035234E
JENS WILLMES 04.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97035235E
HERMANN SCHADE 04.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97035238E
FRAUKE WUNDERLICH 25.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97043908E
STEFFEN ULLRICH 25.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97043912E
RALF BUENNING 25.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97043910E
GERHARD FRANZ 25.05.1997 Medic First Aid 97043914E
SUSANNE GLOMBITZA 20.06.1997 Medic First Aid 97056282E
TJARK LUEBKE 20.06.1997 Medic First Aid 97056274E
THOMAS SCHAPER 20.06.1997 Medic First Aid 97056940E
KIRSTEN REITMANN 20.06.1997 Medic First Aid 97056942E
KAI-UWE PILKOWSKI 18.10.1997 Medic First Aid 97130025E
SILKE MUELLER 18.10.1997 Medic First Aid 97130031E
THOMAS KAESE 18.10.1997 Medic First Aid 97130023E

Dive Students 1996

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
CHRISTIAN VON KOHNLE 14.04.1996 Medic First Aid 96026797E
ROLAND MECKE 14.04.1996 Medic First Aid 96026799E
JENS MIELKE 14.04.1996 Medic First Aid 96026798E
JENS MORGENSTERN 14.04.1996 Medic First Aid 96026800E
BERNHARD SANDNER 16.04.1996 Medic First Aid 96028529E
BARBARA VAN NGUYEN 20.05.1996 Rescue Diver 96038821E
CHRISTIAN VON KOHNLE 20.05.1996 Rescue Diver 96038822E
MATTHIAS SPOEREL 20.05.1996 Rescue Diver 96038823E
JENS MIELKE 20.05.1996 Rescue Diver 96038824E
MICHAEL GLOMBITZA 10.06.1996 Dry Suit 96047702E
STEFFEN ULLRICH 10.06.1996 Dry Suit 96047700E
RALF BUENNING 10.06.1996 Dry Suit 96047701E
AXEL KOEHLER 10.06.1996 Dry Suit 96047699E
UWE KASSNER 17.06.1996 Advanced Open Water 96048523E
SABINE HUEBNER 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054072E
DIRK OEZBEK 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054073E
MONIKA KLIPPEL 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054077E
ANDREAS HOLTMANN 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054071E
DIRK SOESEMANN 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054076E
ANDREAS BOLDT 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054078E
THOMAS ROEHN 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054075E
JUTTA LISA ROEHN 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054074E
TANJA TAPPERT 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96054081E
RENATE ZUTHER 22.06.1996 Medic First Aid 96063980E
TJARK LUEBKE 24.06.1996 Equipment Specialist 96056031E
THOMAS BARTSCH 24.06.1996 Equipment Specialist 96056029E
DIRK SOESEMANN 24.06.1996 Equipment Specialist 96056033E
DIRK SOESEMANN 15.07.1996 Rescue Diver 96064422E
ELSA-AURORA PAULS 15.07.1996 Rescue Diver 96064421E
KIM VAN NGUYEN 15.07.1996 Underwater Navigator 96064034E
PUHC VAN NGUYEN 15.07.1996 Underwater Navigator 96064038E
BARBARA VAN NGUYEN 15.07.1996 Underwater Navigator 96064036E
THOMAS HERDAM 29.07.1996 Open Water 96073356E
SYLKE BLECKERT 29.07.1996 Open Water 96073355E
DIRK HONIGMUND 31.07.1996 Advanced Open Water 96074837E
GERHARD FRANZ 31.07.1996 Advanced Open Water 96074836E
ANDREA EIKENROTH 31.07.1996 Advanced Open Water 96074838E
MICHAEL BARTSCH 11.08.1996 Underwater Navigator 96078701E
UWE KASSNER 18.08.1996 Medic First Aid 96082828E
KNUT NOLTE 18.08.1996 Medic First Aid 96082823E
MARIO KUESTER 18.08.1996 Medic First Aid 96082816E
SUSANNE GOTT 18.08.1996 Medic First Aid 96082812E
KNUT NOLTE 09.09.1996 Rescue Diver 96096094E
UWE KASSNER 09.09.1996 Rescue Diver 96096096E
MARIO KUESTER 09.09.1996 Rescue Diver 96099057E
STEFAN POKIES 19.09.1996 Night Diver 96102048E
THOMAS BARTSCH 19.09.1996 Night Diver 96102046E
RENATE PLAGGE 14.10.1996 Medic First Aid 96112181E
BERND PLAGGE 14.10.1996 Medic First Aid 96112182E
ALEX HAUSCHILD 22.11.1996 Rescue Diver 96129171E
ANNETTE GURAN 02.12.1996 Advanced Open Water 96130873E
KATJA KOESTER 16.12.1996 Open Water 96133537E

Dive Students 1995

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
RICKY-ROLF PAETZ 24.04.1995 Open Water 95025078E
MARK KELLNER 24.04.1995 Open Water 95025079E
ROLAND MECKE 24.04.1995 Open Water 95025081E
MARIO KUESTER 22.05.1995 Open Water 95034177E
BERND GLOMBITZA 29.05.1995 Open Water 95036894E
ERICH LILLIE 29.05.1995 Open Water 95037931E
AXEL KOEHLER 09.06.1995 Open Water 95041318E
GABRIELE SCHIFFEL 12.06.1995 Open Water 95041319E
ROLF WALTER 19.06.1995 Open Water 95045751E
SILKE WALTER 19.06.1995 Open Water 95045747E
ANDREA EIKENROTH 17.07.1995 Open Water 95056624E
DIRK HONIGMUND 17.07.1995 Open Water 95056622E
ANDREAS GEBHARDT 29.07.1995 Advanced Open Water 95065143E
MAIK SWIRIDOW 29.07.1995 Advanced Open Water 95065140E
PHUC NGUYEN VAN 31.07.1995 Advanced Open Water 95065137E
AXEL KOEHLER 31.07.1995 Advanced Open Water 95065046E
BARBARA NGUYEN VAN 31.07.1995 Advanced Open Water 95065138E
MICHAEL BARTSCH 08.08.1995 Equipment Specialist 95070123E
STEFAN POKIES 08.08.1995 Equipment Specialist 95070120E
EDUARD BAUMEISTER 08.08.1995 Equipment Specialist 95070121E
PETER KOERBER 21.08.1995 Open Water 95074517E
ROLAND MELKE 11.09.1995 Altitude 95088113E
ANDREA EIKENROTH 11.09.1995 Altitude 95088121E
SVEN DANKER 11.09.1995 Altitude 95088124E
UWE KASSNER 11.09.1995 Altitude 95088115E
DIRK HONIGMUND 11.09.1995 Altitude 95088119E
BARBARA VAN NGUYEN 25.09.1995 Medic First Aid 95091237E
PETER PIETRASZEK 25.09.1995 Medic First Aid 95091236E
KIM VAN NGUYEN 25.09.1995 Medic First Aid 95091233E
AXEL KOEHLER 25.09.1995 Medic First Aid 95091234E
PAUL VAN NGUYEN 25.09.1995 Medic First Aid 95091235E
CLAUS-DIETER MUELLER 09.10.1995 Open Water 95098342E
HOLGER HERMSEN 09.10.1995 Open Water 95098340E
CHRISTIAN VON KOHNLE 09.10.1995 Open Water 95098344E
AXEL KOEHLER 11.10.1995 Rescue Diver 95098429E
MATTHIAS SPOEREL 23.10.1995 Medic First Aid 95104624E
SILKE WALTER 23.10.1995 Medic First Aid 95104622E
STEFAN POKIES 23.10.1995 Medic First Aid 95104621E
MICHAEL BARTSCH 23.10.1995 Medic First Aid 95104620E
ROLF WALTER 23.10.1995 Medic First Aid 95104619E
HOLGER HERMSEN 19.11.1995 Advanced Open Water 95112997E
LUDGER HEINEVETTER 19.11.1995 Advanced Open Water 95112996E
FRANK HENNE 19.11.1995 Advanced Open Water 95112995E
CHRISTIAN VON KOHNLE 19.11.1995 Advanced Open Water 95112998E
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