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Dive Students

An abstract from my list of dive students.

Arranged by date of cerification

(Professional certifications Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor are not included)

Dive Students 2010

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
Adel Alruwaished 27.04.2010 Open Water 1006UH1728
Benedikt Gilbert 01.06.2010 Open Water 1007UR9190
Johannes Schneckenleitner 01.06.2010 Open Water 1007UR9328
Guenther Kania 13.10.2010 EFR - Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED 1010ER3251
Arnaud Velthuizen 15.11.2010 Open Water 1012EH2685
Raphaele Sergent 15.11.2010 Open Water 1012EH2689
Tim Lawrence 26.11.2010 Advanced Open Water 1012EF2416
Thomas Daniel Jewers 26.11.2010 Open Water 1012EG1631
Stephanie Moinet 28.11.2010 Open Water 1101ER0172
Stephane Geslin 04.12.2010 Advanced Open Water 1012EJ2131
Sabina Moser 04.12.2010 Advanced Open Water 1101EM2940
Ruedi Eidenbenz 05.12.2010 Advanced Open Water 1012EJ2095
Sarah J Collins 07.12.2010 Advanced Open Water 1101ET6496
Alena Warnsing 17.12.2010 Scuba Diver 1012EK3008
Rachel Loron 29.12.2010 Open Water 1102EW6526
Eric Lumbreras 29.12.2010 Open Water 1102EW6537

Dive Students 2009

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
SAYF KHASAWNEH 02.01.2009 Open Water 0901U65400
ROBERTO AL MUKTASH 03.01.2009 Junior Open Water 0901U65224
OLUSEYI O. BOROFFICE 17.01.2009 Open Water 0901U73544
ALI H. ALMUSAAD 19.01.2009 Advanced Open Water 0901U75032
CHADI SLEIMAN 15.02.2009 Open Water 0902U85698
ANGELA FLETCHER 20.02.2009 Open Water 0902U89060
AMR JAROUDI 22.02.2009 Open Water 0902U89314
MUNA AL-MERRI 23.03.2009 Open Water 0903U05108
ZIAD A. AL-MANGOUR 28.03.2009 Junior Open Water 0903U07629
DANELLE S. KNEYSE 28.03.2009 Open Water 0903U07657
ROBIN PRITCHARD 15.04.2009 Junior Open Water 0904UA1701
AXEL P. ZANNER-ENTWISTLE 15.04.2009 Junior Open Water 0904UA1709
CAROLYN R. ENTWISTLE 15.04.2009 Open Water 0904UA1705
DONALD F. SELBY 16.04.2009 Open Water 0904UA1996
MILES O. VELLOZZO 17.04.2009 Junior Open Water 0904UA7398
CHRISTOPHER ADAMS 28.04.2009 Open Water 0904UC7563
BENJAMIN MUTIN 29.04.2009 Open Water 0904UD3081
JON COX 29.04.2009 Open Water 0904UD3123
JULIEN MUTIN 30.04.2009 Open Water 0904UD3221
KAMRAN AHMED 01.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0906UQ5319
SALIM AHMED 01.05.2009 Open Water 0905UE6732
MICHAEL MCARTHUR 02.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0905UF2793
ANDREW MCARTHUR 02.05.2009 Open Water 0905UF2792
BLAISE VELLOZZO 03.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0905UF2883
TAREK JAROUDI 06.05.2009 Open Water 0905UG0761
OMAR ARDATI 11.05.2009 Open Water 0905UH6103
ANTHONY W. CUTNER 16.05.2009 Open Water 0905UJ2455
CONRAD B. WARREN 29.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0905UN3536
MITCHELL A. NEWMAN 29.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0905UN3540
YASMEEN NAZIR 29.05.2009 Junior Open Water 0905UN3543
JESSICA OCKENDEN 08.06.2009 Open Water 0906UQ4096
ZAID ENGRAVER 17.06.2009 Open Water 0906UU4836
GILLES ALLARD 24.06.2009 Open Water 0906UX4783
JOHANNE CARMICHAEL 24.06.2009 Open Water 0906UX4784
MOHAMMED SHAIKH 25.06.2009 EFR - CPR/First Aid/Care for Children w/ AED 0907UN3995

Dive Students 2008

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
NICCOLO IANESELLI 02.01.2008 Junior Open Water 0801E22906
KLAUS PICHLER 02.01.2008 Junior Open Water 0802E34000
MICHAEL SCHOEN 03.01.2008 Advanced Open Water 0801E15299
CONSTANT LECOEUR 06.01.2008 Scuba Diver 0801E21861
ELMAR ENDRIZZI 18.01.2008 Scuba Diver 0802E26343
SYBILLE WILLEIT 18.01.2008 Scuba Diver 0802E26341
CHRISTOPHE LAVIGNE 20.01.2008 Scuba Diver 0802E24839
FRIEDRICH VAN HETTINGA 06.02.2008 Advanced Open Water 0802E30703
FRIEDRICH VAN HETTINGA 09.02.2008 Diver Propulsion Vehicle 0802E31105
ULRICH BRICKENKAMP 22.02.2008 Advanced Open Water 0804E53658
HENDRIK KOESTER 22.03.2008 Junior Scuba Diver 0804E50043
TIMO KOESTER 22.03.2008 Junior Scuba Diver 0807E06461
FRANCESCA WUEHRER 02.04.2008 Advanced Open Water 0804E56537
JANA MARQUARDT 10.04.2008 Open Water 0805E74913
MARKO GEISSLER 10.04.2008 Open Water 0805E74914
SARA MARIA STRADA 27.04.2008 Junior Scuba Diver 0805E66972
MARCO STRADA 27.04.2008 Scuba Diver 0805E66552
ROBERTO MAMONE 28.04.2008 Scuba Diver 0805E70902
MASSIMILIANO CONTI 01.05.2008 Deep 0805E69942
ANTONIO PEROTTO 03.05.2008 Advanced Open Water 0805E72478
ALENA DYAKONOVA 03.05.2008 Deep 0807E21206
VADIM DYAKONOV 03.05.2008 Deep 0807E21197
TAMARA DYAKONOVA 03.05.2008 Deep 0807E21202
PETRA PODRAZA 16.05.2008 Advanced Open Water 0805E79280
JAN WEGNER 19.05.2008 Scuba Diver 0806E83010
MANFRED SCHMIDT 02.06.2008 EFR - CPR/First Aid/Care for Children w/ AED 0806E94673
ANDREW M. HIRD 05.07.2008 Open Water 0807U28774
HANIFFA HIRD 05.07.2008 Open Water 0807U21559
KATHERINE D. WARING 24.07.2008 Junior Open Water 0807U29202
SADEQ RABIEY 24.07.2008 Open Water 0807U29304
KATHERINE D. WARING 05.08.2008 Junior Adventure Diver 0808U43368
SADEQ RABIEY 17.08.2008 Advanced Open Water 0808U58927
JOSIF M. BARBOSA 02.09.2008 Open Water 0809U76927
EBRAHIM ALABBASI 03.09.2008 Open Water 0809U78178
TALAL H. ALTEHOW 03.09.2008 Open Water 0809U78180
ALESIA BUTUSAVA 03.09.2008 Open Water 0809U78204
HANS T. LINTERMANS 10.10.2008 Open Water 0810U12416
RICHARD J. CANTILLON 30.10.2008 Search & Recovery 0811U30210
RICHARD J. CANTILLON 31.10.2008 Underwater Navigator 0811U30207
FERAS BATAINAH 09.11.2008 Open Water 0811U38161
JENNIFER L. SCHLICK 09.11.2008 Open Water 0811U38200
LOUISE BROWN 24.11.2008 Open Water 0811U47279
LK ALKHALIFA 26.11.2008 Advanced Open Water 0811U47952
ROBERT T. VAN BRUINESSEN 27.11.2008 Advanced Open Water 0812U49924
KATHERINE D. WARING 28.11.2008 Junior Advanced Open Water 0812U49947
HANY ASHMAWY 04.12.2008 Open Water 0812U53925
SAMEER A. ALJAROODI 05.12.2008 Open Water 0812U54470
ANNA DAVIDOVICH 08.12.2008 Open Water 0812U56275
ALAN THOMAS 11.12.2008 Open Water 0812U57739
CATALIN NEAGUE 12.12.2008 Open Water 0812U58621

Dive Students 2007

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
IAN WISE 03.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0702E74339
ANDREAS SCHICK 11.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0701E59715
SABINE KIPP 17.01.2007 Open Water 0701E65506
DIRK JAENSCH 17.01.2007 Open Water 0705E18966
SASCHA STEFANAKIS 17.01.2007 Open Water 0702E67005
SONJA REICHMANN 17.01.2007 Open Water 0702E70335
DANIELA WOLF 17.01.2007 Open Water 0702E74505
STEFFEN HOHMANN 17.01.2007 Open Water 0703E79050
VADIM JAROSCHENKO 21.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0702E75636
STEFFEN HOHMANN 21.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0703E79080
DANIELA WOLF 27.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0703E76011
DIRK JAENSCH 27.01.2007 Advanced Open Water 0704E02874
GAVIN DUNT 30.01.2007 Open Water 0702E72518
STEPHANIE MOMMATI 07.02.2007 Open Water 0703E77799
ISOLDE STAUDER 14.02.2007 Advanced Open Water 0703E76410
ALFRED JAHNIG 14.02.2007 Advanced Open Water 0703E86861
MAI-LOAN FLORA DO CAO 26.02.2007 Junior Scuba Diver 0703E79932
OLIVIER DO CAO 26.02.2007 Scuba Diver 0703E79808
ALEXEI TCHERNITSER 28.02.2007 Open Water 0705E11248
JULIA LUFT 03.03.2007 Advanced Open Water 0704E97579
ILSE-MARIE LUFT 06.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0703E83861
JULIA LUFT 06.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0704E97386
RAFFAELLA MARIA LAVORATORINI 16.03.2007 Open Water 0704E90860
MANDY SCHUITAJSKI 20.03.2007 Scuba Diver 0704E04302
KERSTIN LINDNER 22.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0704E93375
ALIREZA MAGHSOUDI 22.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0704E96746
ANGELOS ANASTASSIOU 22.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0708E86951
SABRINA ANASTASSIOU 22.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0708E86953
SOPHIE ELKE SCHMID 28.03.2007 Advanced Open Water 0704E92120
SOPHIE ELKE SCHMID 29.03.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0704E93496
SOPHIE ELKE SCHMID 30.03.2007 Underwater Photographer 0704E93494
SANDRO-MANUEL KANDULSKI 07.04.2007 Junior Open Water 0704E03042
KERSTIN LINDNER 10.04.2007 Advanced Open Water 0810E24105
GUENTER JUERGEN KANDULSKI 12.04.2007 Advanced Open Water 0704E02895
UTE-BRITTA KANDULSKI 12.04.2007 Advanced Open Water 0705E19071
LISA SCHMID 12.04.2007 Advanced Open Water 0705E12432
SANDRO-MANUEL KANDULSKI 12.04.2007 Junior Adventure Diver 0704E04962
LISA SCHMID 13.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0705E12786
WINFRIED KAISER 13.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0806E04317
UTE-BRITTA KANDULSKI 13.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0705E19260
GUENTER JUERGEN KANDULSKI 13.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0704E02782
ANJA JENNIFER MERKEL 20.04.2007 Advanced Open Water 0705E07759
ANJA JENNIFER MERKEL 20.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0705E07822
NINA MERKEL 20.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0705E07821
CLAUDIO TONARELLI 28.04.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0706E41786
CHRISTOPH SCHWEDLER 30.04.2007 Open Water 0705E25371
WALDEMAR SCHWAB 02.05.2007 Advanced Open Water 0705E24870
EDELTRAUD LITZ 11.05.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0705E25827
EDELTRAUD MENTKEN 11.05.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0706E47603
LANCE FLOYD 21.05.2007 Scuba Diver 0706E30095
NEIL FLOWERS 21.05.2007 Scuba Diver 0706E37031
MARTIN BAYER 22.05.2007 Open Water 0706E36231
ANDREA ITZE 26.05.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0706E41583
WOLFGANG SPOULA 26.05.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0706E28387
MARTIN BAYER 27.05.2007 Advanced Open Water 0706E36088
LUKAS KOENIGSREUTHER 03.06.2007 Junior Open Water 0708E89808
NICOLAS KOENIGSREUTHER 03.06.2007 Junior Open Water 0708E91830
KERSTIN KOENIGSREUTHER 05.06.2007 Advanced Open Water 0708E87296
DR. KLAUS KOENIGSREUTHER 05.06.2007 Advanced Open Water 0708E87292
DR. KLAUS KOENIGSREUTHER 09.06.2007 Rescue Diver 0708E86939
KERSTIN KOENIGSREUTHER 09.06.2007 Rescue Diver 0708E90037
GARETH LLOYD-WILSON 19.06.2007 Scuba Diver 0707E76648
KAROL WEGLEWICZ 19.06.2007 Scuba Diver 0707E79994
RUSSELL HEATH 22.06.2007 Boat 0707E55421
RUSSELL HEATH 23.06.2007 Drift 0707E55422
MARIA BLAB 24.06.2007 Drift 0709E26990
PETER BLAB 24.06.2007 Drift 0709E27150
MARTINA NAVRATIL 24.06.2007 Drift 0709E37988
MARTIN NAVRATIL 24.06.2007 Drift 0709E37987
NATALIE POWELL 30.06.2007 Scuba Diver 0805E66568
IAN PLIMLEY 30.06.2007 Scuba Diver 0907EE6151
IAN BURROWS 07.07.2007 Scuba Diver 0809E77321
MICHAEL WHEADON 10.07.2007 Open Water 0707E74038
JAMES SUCKLING 10.07.2007 Open Water 0712E98344
BEATE HARBACH 17.07.2007 Advanced Open Water 0708E88251
STEFFEN HARBACH 17.07.2007 Advanced Open Water 0708E88253
MILES FISH 22.07.2007 Open Water 0802E30027
MARCIN KUZIUTA 22.07.2007 Open Water 0710E68494
BRIAN MACKENZIE MACKAY 22.07.2007 Open Water 0709E21729
JUAN CARLOS SENTIS PANES 25.07.2007 Advanced Open Water 0708E13817
PHILIPP BERTRAM 25.07.2007 Junior Open Water 0708E85856
GEOFFREY DAVIS 28.07.2007 Underwater Photographer 0709E27841
GEOFFREY DAVIS 30.07.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0708E07450
FRANCESCO ROSSI 02.12.2007 Scuba Diver 0712E02567
LAVINIA RITA CULMONE 02.12.2007 Scuba Diver 0801E09274
VERONICA CUSIN 15.12.2007 Open Water 0801E12328
ANGIOLO PASQUI 17.12.2007 Open Water 0801E10704
SANDRA ADLMANN 21.12.2007 Enriched Air Diver 0804E52539
PATRICIA LUCIA PANTLEON 21.12.2007 Junior Scuba Diver 0801E16258
THOMAS PANTLEON 21.12.2007 Scuba Diver 0801E16632
THOMAS GROEMER 24.12.2007 Advanced Open Water 0801E16449
JACQUELINE JOURY 24.12.2007 Open Water 0801E16430
PAOLO SORCELLI 27.12.2007 Advanced Open Water 0801E18993
TEDDY JAMES 28.12.2007 Junior Open Water 0801E16646
FRANCESCO SORCELLI 28.12.2007 Junior Open Water 0801E18935
SIMON JAMES 28.12.2007 Open Water 0801E16700
LUIGI BIANCO 28.12.2007 Open Water 0801E13271

Dive Students 2006

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
RACHEL ATKINSON 23.01.2006 Open Water 0601E08389
JAVIER ALCANTARA 03.04.2006 EFR - Emergency First Response 0607E00906
FLORIAN WINK 11.04.2006 Open Water 0604E47358
VINCENT WINK 11.04.2006 Open Water 0604E47354
CHRISTA WINK 11.04.2006 Open Water 0604E47351
ANTON WINK 11.04.2006 Open Water 0604E47348
NADINE KURT 14.04.2006 Junior Open Water 0606E72554
MARC CUTHBERT 20.04.2006 Advanced Open Water 0606E84509
JOEL BACHMANN 29.04.2006 Junior Open Water 0605E51721
HANS-PETER BACHMANN 29.04.2006 Open Water 0605E51200
NADINE BACHMANN 29.04.2006 Open Water 0605E51198
WILLIAM RAMSAY 05.05.2006 Search & Recovery 0606E76424
TOBIAS QUEISSER 12.05.2006 Open Water 0607E20102
SONGKOT NGAMSOMPHAP 23.06.2006 Open Water 0607E12883
AHMED SHAM SHAFEEU 23.06.2006 Open Water 0607E12884
YIMING JIN 11.07.2006 Equipment Specialist 0608E32535
RITA RICKEN 13.08.2006 Open Water 0610E00645
NATALIE JANE ALDERSON 13.08.2006 Open Water 0609E85101
ANDREY YEFRIM 16.08.2006 Open Water 0708E09319
RITA RICKEN 17.08.2006 Advanced Open Water 0610E00934
ANDREY YEFRIM 20.08.2006 Advanced Open Water 0708E09030
ANDREY YEFRIM 23.08.2006 Peak Performance Buoyancy 0708E09693
ANDREY YEFRIM 28.08.2006 Deep 0708E09054
ANDREY YEFRIM 29.08.2006 Night Diver 0708E09050
ANDREY YEFRIM 30.08.2006 Search & Recovery 0708E09058
ANDREY YEFRIM 31.08.2006 Drift 0708E09059
JOANNE SIMONET 10.09.2006 Open Water 0609E85034
MARTIN WHITTINGHAM 10.09.2006 Open Water 0711E87960
KENNETH JOHN DYE 23.09.2006 Advanced Open Water 0610E92045
SVEN DENFELD 23.09.2006 Advanced Open Water 0610E94041
MARGARET POYNER 01.10.2006 Open Water 0611E23359
GARY RYAN 01.10.2006 Open Water 0611E30916
THOMAS JAEGER 12.11.2006 Rescue Diver 0611E33065
THOMAS PAIN 15.11.2006 Open Water 0612E38120
JENNIFER EICKELPASCH 16.11.2006 Open Water 0705E19683
ANABEL HIEB 27.11.2006 Open Water 0708E98560
MICHAEL VONDERLIN 27.11.2006 Open Water 0708E98558
OLGA GALITSKAYA 10.12.2006 Scuba Diver 0702E67110
KARL-HEINZ KAHR 12.12.2006 Open Water 0701E53664
CHRIS HAMPSON 12.12.2006 Open Water 0701E54690
CHRIS HAMPSON 18.12.2006 Advanced Open Water 0701E54479
NAOMI SKELLUM 19.12.2006 Advanced Open Water 0701E58437
MATTHIAS RAMGE 21.12.2006 Advanced Open Water 0701E52294
MARK EMERTON 29.12.2006 Advanced Open Water 0701E58385
MARK WALLACE 29.12.2006 Advanced Open Water 0702E73132
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