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Dive Students

An abstract from my list of dive students.

Arranged by date of cerification

(Professional certifications Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor are not included)

Dive Students 2005

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
MANFRED SCHMIDT 30.01.2005 Peak Performance Buoyancy 0502E73668
DONALD BAUMANN 10.02.2005 Junior Open Water 0502E70265
MANFRED SCHMIDT 13.02.2005 Enriched Air Diver 0502E74587
TINO LOY 01.04.2005 Scuba Diver 0506E33470
ANDREW ANDERSON 24.06.2005 Advanced Open Water 0507E47065
NORMAN ORD 24.06.2005 Open Water 0507E63624
JOHN ALLEN 26.06.2005 Advanced Open Water 0605E61590
THOMAS HARGREAVES 01.07.2005 Open Water 0507E63622
STEPHEN V. MENDELSOHN 07.07.2005 Open Water 0602E21262
MARTIN HELMBERGER 13.07.2005 Advanced Open Water 0510E54149
SHARON BODKIN 19.07.2005 Advanced Open Water 0508E75266
SIMON BODKIN 19.07.2005 Advanced Open Water 0508E75265
JAMES BODKIN 19.07.2005 Advanced Open Water 0508E75264
MICHAEL MATHEISL 25.07.2005 Open Water 0509E11388
ANKE MATHEISL 25.07.2005 Open Water 0509E11823
TRACY RAMSDEN 13.08.2005 Open Water 0509E39020
IAN RAMSDEN 13.08.2005 Open Water 0509E13462
NICO SCHMIDT 17.08.2005 Junior Open Water 0508E07532
LOUISA FISHER 29.08.2005 Advanced Open Water 0510E51523
TIMOTHY FISHER 29.08.2005 Advanced Open Water 0509E19524
TOBY FISHER 29.08.2005 Junior Advanced Open Water 0510E62521
ALEXANDER MILNE 10.09.2005 Scuba Diver 0510E52672
CHANTELLE HUNT 28.09.2005 Open Water 0510E48530
PAUL ANDREWS 28.09.2005 Open Water 0510E49369
ANNA MARIA MAUTE 08.10.2005 Open Water 0510E56532
ANNA MARIA MAUTE 12.10.2005 Advanced Open Water 0510E56422
NEVILLE COCKBURN 02.11.2005 Open Water 0511E76622
VICTOR LISICHENKO 07.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0512E86441
IGOR LISICHENKO 07.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0512E86438
ELENA LISICHENKO 07.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0512E86440
KRISTINA LISICHENKO 07.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0512E86439
GEORGE WILSON PRESTON 19.11.2005 Peak Performance Buoyancy 0604E43895
VICKI ARROWSMITH 20.11.2005 Scuba Diver 0602E17999
GLEN ARROWSMITH 20.11.2005 Scuba Diver 0602E17998
TORRE BOHLEN 29.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0601E09519
VOLKER LAARMANN 30.11.2005 Advanced Open Water 0512E96202
JOHN READING 09.12.2005 Open Water 0608E49496
FLORIAN SCHMIDLKOFER 10.12.2005 Advanced Open Water 0601E02994

Dive Students 2004

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
HANS-WOLFGANG LEHR 11.01.2004 Enriched Air Diver 0401E05585
MICHAEL REUTER 05.05.2004 Advanced Open Water 0405E54598
WIDO ROESSLER 24.05.2004 Open Water 0406E72256
TIMOTHY JOHN ARCHER 25.05.2004 Open Water 0410E07245
MICHAEL LEISING 27.05.2004 Scuba Diver 0407E01258
SIGRUN VOSS 27.05.2004 Scuba Diver 0408E43575
PAUL SPITERI 02.06.2004 Open Water 0406E80086
LISA RANDALL 02.06.2004 Open Water 0406E80084
LARISSA KLOECKLER 12.06.2004 Open Water 0406E87289
RAIMONDO CACI 12.06.2004 Open Water 0406E87290
GIANMARIA DELFINO 13.06.2004 Advanced Open Water 0406E82764
PATRICE DURON 20.06.2004 Scuba Diver 0407E91039
ANDRE KOEHLER 22.06.2004 Open Water 0408E22794
FALKO GLOBISCH 22.06.2004 Open Water 0408E41057
GABRIELE WALTER 24.06.2004 Open Water 0407E02692
BRUNO WALTER 29.06.2004 Open Water 0407E02691
SABINE HARTMANN 30.06.2004 Scuba Diver 0407E98728
BROOKE JENNY MCKEOWN 01.07.2004 Open Water 0411E34268
ALEXANDRA FETZER-SCHMID 09.07.2004 Open Water 0504E94453
ROBERT FETZER 09.07.2004 Open Water 0504E94454
NADINE HANSEL 14.07.2004 Junior Open Water 0409E70620
ANDREAS GROENING 15.07.2004 Open Water 0501E56569
MARTINA POSCH 19.07.2004 Open Water 0408E25553
GERALD RABL 19.07.2004 Open Water 0408E25508
MATTEO CABELLO 20.07.2004 Open Water 0408E27170
ALEX HOBSON 29.07.2004 Junior Open Water 0410E02295
STEPHEN BOUGHEY 29.07.2004 Open Water 0409E85932
EMILY HOBSON 29.07.2004 Open Water 0410E00593
MALCOM HOBSON 29.07.2004 Open Water 0410E00562
JENS SCHMITT 01.08.2004 EFR - Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED 0408E44996
JENS SCHMITT 04.08.2004 Rescue Diver 0408E38580
FAYE GODDARD 07.08.2004 Open Water 0408E39821
MARC MAZZUCCO 07.08.2004 Open Water 0408E44955
WENDY CUTHBERT 07.08.2004 Open Water 0409E69508
BENJAMIN PLESANT 08.08.2004 Junior Open Water 0411E36745
THOMAS PLEASANT 08.08.2004 Junior Open Water 0411E36749
ROBERT PLEASANT 08.08.2004 Open Water 0411E36663
CHRISTOPHER MC DANIEL 11.08.2004 Junior Open Water 0410E12665
STEFFEN MEHL 11.08.2004 Open Water 0408E50489
PAUL HERRMANN 11.08.2004 Open Water 0409E57239
DAVID MAYO 12.08.2004 Open Water 0507E48220
LOUISE MAYO 12.08.2004 Open Water 0507E48221
CLIVE BAXTER 14.08.2004 Scuba Diver 0409E62781
MYLENE BAXTER 14.08.2004 Scuba Diver 0409E62792
JAMES KING 18.08.2004 Junior Open Water 0412E50971
SONJA CELIG 18.08.2004 Open Water 0409E58686
MARIJAN CELIG 18.08.2004 Open Water 0409E59519
SIBYL GLOVER 18.08.2004 Open Water 0409E75655
KEVIN GLOVER 18.08.2004 Open Water 0409E75659
MATTHIAS CHRIST 22.08.2004 Open Water 0409E60332
CHRISTINE MELLITZER 22.08.2004 Open Water 0409E62402
FRANCINE BOEHM 22.08.2004 Open Water 0409E67606
JENS BOEHM 22.08.2004 Open Water 0409E67506
MICHAEL REDICAN 25.08.2004 Open Water 0501E55733
JAMES ANTHONY FREEL 26.08.2004 Open Water 0411E20295
ARMIN HECKMANN 29.08.2004 Open Water 0409E81438
STEFFEN ANDRAE 29.08.2004 Open Water 0411E21463
CATHRIN ANDRAE 29.08.2004 Open Water 0411E21341
CARLA GIEDINGHAGEN 29.08.2004 Open Water 0601E06769
JACQUELINE STORCK 03.09.2004 Open Water 0409E77630
DR. KLAUS KOENIGSREUTHER 06.09.2004 Open Water 0704E00485
KERSTIN KOENGISREUTHER 06.09.2004 Open Water 0704E01086
ACHMED FLACHSBARTH 14.09.2004 Open Water 0410E95350
DR. NICOLE GYOEROEG 28.09.2004 Advanced Open Water 0410E10794
WOLF BRANDSTOETTER 28.09.2004 Advanced Open Water 0410E10793
PETRA SCHAMEL 28.09.2004 Open Water 0410E95695
ARNO SCHAMEL 28.09.2004 Open Water 0410E95694
SANDY WINTER 02.10.2004 Advanced Open Water 0412E40974
ENRICO GOLZ 05.10.2004 Advanced Open Water 0410E10033
ANGELIKA SCHAEFER 05.10.2004 Open Water 0412E52316
CARMEN PRINZLER 05.10.2004 Open Water 0411E21253
CHRISTIAN KUELSHAMMER 05.10.2004 Open Water 0410E13714
SIMONE KUELSHAMMER 05.10.2004 Open Water 0410E13712
TIMM FIEK 12.10.2004 Junior Open Water 0411E20898
MICHAEL ROTH 12.10.2004 Open Water 0410E12088
SYLVIA KOPEITKA 12.10.2004 Open Water 0411E17078
WOLFGANG SCHOBER 12.10.2004 Open Water 0411E17111
MARINA ZUBCIC 22.10.2004 Open Water 0411E20379
TORBEN DEHN 03.11.2004 Scuba Diver 0411E35151
CLAUDIA KABISCH 03.11.2004 Scuba Diver 0411E28451
FREDDY FUHRMANN 04.11.2004 Scuba Diver 0502E68601
STUART BARK 06.11.2004 Rescue Diver 0411E26133
ANDREAS WERNER 12.11.2004 Open Water 0506E37528
BENJAMIN LONGO 24.11.2004 Junior Scuba Diver 0411E31728
ISABELLA LONGO 24.11.2004 Junior Scuba Diver 0411E31730

Dive Students 2003

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
ADAM FLAMER-CALDERA 07.01.2003 Open Water 0303E00869
GERHARD MURRI 19.01.2003 Open Water 0301E91727
CHRISTINE SEYFFER 19.01.2003 Open Water 0309E17167
KIM MOLENKAMP 01.02.2003 Open Water 0303E02015
HUBERTUS TEMPSKI 01.02.2003 Open Water 0304E13275
CHRISTINE GEORGIAS 01.02.2003 Open Water 0304E13274
JONATHAN PETER EDWARDS 15.02.2003 Open Water 0303E04485
ROBERT SCHRIEVER 17.02.2003 Advanced Open Water 0303E08883
INA REHLE 17.02.2003 Advanced Open Water 0303E08882
MERCEDES BOCK 17.02.2003 Advanced Open Water 0509E36970
SUSANNE GRUBENMANN 12.07.2003 Open Water 0507U87116
NINO GRUBENMANN 14.07.2003 Junior Open Water 0507U87107
JASMIN GRUBENMANN 14.07.2003 Open Water 0507U87112
RUTH PRAMMER 17.07.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U21464
OLIVER CHARBONNEAN 17.07.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U21485
VINCENT CHOIMET 17.07.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U21486
JOHANNES ROGAILLER 23.07.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U14711
VIKTORIA ROSENAUER 23.07.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U14713
STEFAN ROSENAUER 23.07.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U14712
WALTER ROSENBAUER 23.07.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U14782
ELIZABETH DAVEY 24.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14727
LUKE TYRRELL 24.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14767
ANASTASIA DAVEY 24.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14726
MARY DAVEY 24.07.2003 Open Water 0309U21466
SIEGMAR BRINKMANN 28.07.2003 Junior Open Water 0309U14702
CAROLINE BRINKMANN 28.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14717
DARIO ALIOTTA 28.07.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U14775
CHRISTINA STEIN 31.07.2003 Junior Open Water 0309U14707
INGO RUF 31.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14758
BERNHARD STEIN 31.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14765
DOUGLAS PRICE 31.07.2003 Open Water 0309U14756
JULIAN GOTTKE 04.08.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U21462
KATJA NEUBAUER 04.08.2003 Open Water 0309U21475
INGRID CANONIER 08.08.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U21484
JANINA GLUCH 10.08.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U14709
MICHAEL ZIERER 11.08.2003 Open Water 0309U14770
SIBYLLE FAURE 11.08.2003 Open Water 0309U14729
EDUARD FAURE 11.08.2003 Open Water 0309U14728
ANDREA KECKEIS 13.08.2003 Rescue Diver 0309U21483
JOHANNA SCHMIDBAUER 14.08.2003 Advanced Open Water 0309U14690
JUERGEN LUDWIG 21.08.2003 Advanced Open Water 0309U21453
MAX LUDWIG 21.08.2003 Junior Advanced Open Water 0309U21459
EVELINA PAGKALOU 22.08.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0309U21463
THOMAS WIEGAND 25.08.2003 Open Water 0309U21481
GILES W. BRUNNING 26.08.2003 Deep 0310U56650
KATJA NEUBAUER 27.08.2003 Open Water 0309U16317
GERD HERZOG 27.08.2003 Open Water 0310U44975
JOCHEN GOERGEN 31.08.2003 Scuba Diver 0309U21487
THOMAS MAJEWSKI 04.09.2003 Open Water 0309U21473
STEPHANIE MAJEWSKI 04.09.2003 Open Water 0309U21472
WERNER PALETSCHEK 04.09.2003 Open Water 0310U44569
KEN FASSBENDER 07.09.2003 Junior Open Water 0309U23506
DENIS SCHUBERT 07.09.2003 Open Water 0309U23524
THOMAS SCHUBERT 07.09.2003 Open Water 0309U23525
HANS - JOSEF FASSBENDER 07.09.2003 Open Water 0309U23511
MARTINA EHEKIRCHER 09.09.2003 Open Water 0311U64860
PETER ROSPORT 10.09.2003 Open Water 0309U23595
ANDREA KLAGES 10.09.2003 Open Water 0309U23585
MONIKA ISCH 12.09.2003 Open Water 0309U30776
MATTHIAS HAASE 16.09.2003 Open Water 0311U63895
UTE WENZEL 16.09.2003 Open Water 0311U64019
OLIVER TREML 18.09.2003 Scuba Diver 0310U42584
CALIN N. STAMATOIU 26.09.2003 Open Water 0310U44017
STEFANIE BLOECHL 30.09.2003 Open Water 0403U09139
PHILIPP GERKENS 09.10.2003 Advanced Open Water 0401U91271
JAN-HENDRIK SCHLUETER 13.10.2003 Junior Open Water 0311U74250
MAXIMILIAN F. WEISS 16.10.2003 Junior Scuba Diver 0311U69925
JULIUS JOOSTEN 20.10.2003 Junior Open Water 0401U90942
UWE JOOSTEN 20.10.2003 Open Water 0401U90212
BERND LONGERICH 26.10.2003 Open Water 0311U61396
MORITZ LONGERICH 26.10.2003 Open Water 0311U67079
STEPHANIE REICHMUTH 30.10.2003 Open Water 0311U70695
MANFRED SCHMIDT 05.11.2003 Advanced Open Water 0311U68516

Dive Students 2002

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
CHRISTIAN KERWEL 01.01.2002 Open Water 0208E89586
OLIVER CARO 08.08.2002 Open Water 0208E95381
UWE BERNHARDT 19.09.2002 Open Water 0210E42686
LASSE SANDBERG 26.09.2002 Open Water 0210E44133
CLAUDIA TOMPAI 02.10.2002 Junior Open Water 0211E60370
DOMINIK TOMPAI 02.10.2002 Junior Open Water 0211E63410
SABINE ZEIFFER 02.10.2002 Open Water 0210E40396
FRANK DOERIG 13.10.2002 Open Water 0211E55264
DORA DOERIG 13.10.2002 Open Water 0211E55680
MARKUS ZISLER 13.10.2002 Open Water 0212E69899
CAROLA ZISLER 14.10.2002 Open Water 0212E69870
MARCEL RITSCHARD 28.10.2002 Open Water 0211E63616
MARCEL ZINGG 28.10.2002 Open Water 0212E75303
SANDRA KISSLING-NYFFENEGGER 03.11.2002 Open Water 0211E67249
PHILIPP KISSLING 03.11.2002 Open Water 0211E67250
MICHAEL SCHMID 05.11.2002 Advanced Open Water 0212E68771
NINA SCHWAB 05.11.2002 Advanced Open Water 0212E78500
JEROEN VAN HAL 12.11.2002 Open Water 0301E85338
PETER WIBMER 14.11.2002 Open Water 0212E75456
ANJA REIF 17.11.2002 Open Water 0212E74763
STEPHANE VAN LIPPEVELDE 21.11.2002 Open Water 0303E02800
MARINA MOENS DE FERNIG 21.11.2002 Open Water 0303E03994
SVENJA BIRK 23.11.2002 Drift 0301E80983
HOLGER MERSMANN 23.11.2002 Drift 0301E83295
KAI MICHAEL KAATZ 01.12.2002 Advanced Open Water 0212E78564
HILKE HARTMANN 01.12.2002 Advanced Open Water 0212E78563
DIANE SANTOS-VOGEL 06.12.2002 Open Water 0301E86951
VICTOR VOGEL 06.12.2002 Open Water 0301E87112
BRIGITTA STEFAN 06.12.2002 Open Water 0302E94791
REZA ABDOLMOHAMMADI 10.12.2002 Advanced Open Water 0301E84936
ALISON DICK 10.12.2002 Advanced Open Water 0301E85008
GORDON MACRAE 18.12.2002 Advanced Open Water 0304E19626
BIANCA VAN DEN OEVER 24.12.2002 Open Water 0303E07878

Dive Students 2001

Name of Diver Date of Certification Level of Certification Diver-No.
GUENTHER KANIA 25.05.2001 Medic First Aid 0106E58180
SIMONE HAUPT 27.05.2001 Open Water 0106E53281
GUENTHER KANIA 21.08.2001 Rescue Diver 0109E21902
BURKHARD FIEK 12.10.2001 Open Water 0411E19501
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